Stakeholder Groups

The Park District of La Grange wants to know how it can improve recreation and leisure opportunities for all its users.

Recently, The Park District of La Grange kicked off a process of information gathering that will result in a ten-year master plan that anticipates future needs and outlines the actions necessary to deliver high quality recreation facilities, programs, and services to the Park District of La Grange residents. Public and stakeholder input are essential and critical to the success of the master plan.

As a component of the planning process, a series of focus group meetings with community leaders and residents will be held to assess current and future needs. Because we value your opinion, we invite you to participate in one of these focus groups. The meetings will consist of approximately 10-12 participants and may last up to 45 minutes. The purpose of these meetings is to assess customer satisfaction, parks, recreation and open space needs of the community, and issues that should be addressed in the master plan. With a focus group, there are never wrong answers, so everybody is encouraged to participate and freely express their thoughts.

The focus group meetings will take place virtually on Wednesday, July 7th and Thursday, July 8th. To accommodate busy schedules, if you cannot attend your groups assigned meeting time, please feel free to attend any of the meeting days or times listed below.