Focus on the Upper Back, Shoulder & Neck
Friday, June, 28
Start Time:
01:00 PM
End Time:
03:00 PM

Focus on the Upper Back, Shoulder & Neck

The upper back, shoulders and neck are areas where we often hold hidden, and sometimes not so hidden, tension in our bodies. Certain forward-facing habits (i.e. texting, computer use, reading), specific athletic activities and regular emotional stressors can cause strain and discomfort in these muscles and joints. In this workshop, we will practice yoga poses and other techniques to strengthen and balance, as well as open and stretch, the back, shoulders, and neck to help create ease of motion and relief from tightness in these areas. This workshop will provide valuable information for the long-term health and care of your upper back, shoulders, and neck not only when you exercise and/or practice yoga, but also in your everyday life! Open to all level students and no yoga experience is necessary.

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