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1. RESIDENT REGISTRATION: Resident registration takes place three times a year and begins on a Saturday each season, continuing thereafter during regular office hours. Walk-in registration is held at the Recreation Center located at 536 East Ave. Residents can only register their own family during Saturday walk-in registration and may not give their registration forms to another person ahead of them in line. Registration is also accepted by mail. See the current seasons brochure for details.

2. NON-RESIDENT REGISTRATION: Individuals residing outside of the Park District boundaries may register starting approximately one week after resident registration has begun. This includes Neighborhood Network residents. See the current brochure for details

3. ONLINE REGISTRATION: The Park District of La Grange offers online registration. Come in to the Recreation Center to complete an online registration form to receive the required user name and password for online access. Online registration runs simultaneously to walk-in registration; neither procedure has priority over the other. Online registration is available 24/7 once registration begins for the season. A non-refundable $2 administration fee applies to online registration transactions. Register online at Please be sure to view/print your receipt to verify that your online transaction processed correctly. 

4. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED: All programs have a minimum and maximum enrollment and will be filled on a first come, first served basis. 

5. PROGRAM WAITING LISTS: Maximum enrollments for programs ensure quality and safety for you and your children. Wait lists will be taken to allow for dropouts and cancellations prior to the start of a program. 

6. FALSE INFORMATION/RESIDENT PRIORITY: Persons failing to indicate Non-Resident status, or registering Non-Residents as Park District Residents will be dropped from the program without refund. 

7. REFUNDS AND CANCELLATION: Refunds will not be issued after the first class date and must be requested no less than 5 days before the first class meeting. A prorated refund will be issued in cases when the Park District receives a written certificate from a physician that a medical condition exists that prohibits participation. The medical note must be received no later than 14 days after the session end date. A prorated refund may also be issued if the registrant moves outside of the District boundaries. A $5 service charge will be deducted from all refunds over $5, except when a medical certificate is presented in writing or the District cancels a program. If the Park District cancels a program, participants will have a choice of full refund, credit or class transfer, if available. 

8. INSUFFICIENT FUNDS FEE: In the event that a program is paid for by check, and that check is returned to the District stamped N.S.F., full payment as well as a $20.00 penalty will be required in cash or cashiers check before attendance in a class can continue. 

9. FEE CODE: The fee code used in this brochure is as follows: 
(R) Residents of La Grange & Countryside (NR) Non-Resident (NN) Neighborhood Network 

10. PROOF OF RESIDENCY/AGE: Proof of La Grange or Countryside residency is required to qualify for resident rates for program registrations, usage passes and facility rentals. A driver’s license, state ID or utility bill is acceptable. This policy assures the lowest fees for La Grange residents. The Park District of La Grange reserves the right to require proof of age for participants age 3 and under.

11. NEIGHBORHOOD NETWORK: (NN) All communities that border La Grange which include Western Springs, La Grange Park, Brookfield, La Grange Highlands, and McCook will be charged only 10% more than resident rate for all programs. Proof of residency is required. For all co-op programs, non-residents from the co-op district will get the resident rate. 

12. CO-OP PROGRAMMING: If the graphic symbol appears next to a program title it is a co-op and resident rate applies for all agencies indicated. All participating agencies must achieve minimum enrollment for a class to be held. Co-op codes: LP-La Grange Park, WS-Western Springs 

13. SENIOR DISCOUNT: Seniors age 55+ receive a 10% discount for most PDLG programs for adults. 

15. PAYMENT/ENROLLMENT VERIFICATION: Upon enrollment you will be issued a receipt showing your payment for the program along with the class dates, time and any pertinent information that you may need regarding the program. If you have any questions regarding your receipt please call the Park District office at (708)352-1762.

16. ASSESSMENT DESCRIPTION: You will be assessed a $5 registration fee when signing up for programs. This fee is charged only once per household per season for registrations of $20 and over. If after your initial registration you decide to enroll in more programs during the same program season, simply alert us to that fact when you register. The assessment fee does not apply to online registrations. Collecting this fee allows the Park District to meet its costs without raising fees for every program. 

17. PAYMENT METHODS: Payment methods accepted are: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash and check. Driver’s license required for checks. 

18. REGISTER EARLY: Classes are subject to cancellation if they do not meet minimum enrollments a week before class starts, unless otherwise noted. 


20. ADA ACCOMODATIONS: A request for ADA accommodations or assistance at a program is required at the time of registration. This includes, but is not limited to, inclusion aides, sign language interpreters, adaptive equipment, and accessible transportation. Early registration, along with a request for accommodation, is strongly suggested in order that appropriate accommodations are secured prior to the start of the program.